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The Pivotal Point of Loving Yourself

Kindred Spirits of the New Age Kind


The interesting thing about my life is that I have many revelations first and then along comes a best-selling author or spiritual guru who confirms what the universe has just shown me – I love that part!


And, I’m glad when they show up to validate those concepts, because they bring it in such a way that there is no doubt. Synchronicity at work I think.

Diane Babcock, CLC


Self-Reflection Provides Insight


Tidbits of knowledge I came to understand was my sense of importance, or the lack thereof. It seems I had always been the one to pick up, clean up and protect everyone except me – as if I didn’t exist. Just because no one else would do it and I could.


The problem was there is a sadness that comes with it…a sense of loss…a sense of not knowing who I truly was. In that space I couldn’t tell the difference between which acts stem out of my joy and purpose from the demands others placed on me that I may or may not find joy in. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out how to share some of the love I have for them and hold on to some of that love for me. That took a LOT of deciphering my human nature – and practice.


I Need Love, Too


I’ve spent most of my life feeling like I had to prove myself more and more, just to get some smidgen of respect for what I want, too. It became a battle with no end in sight. Once I realized what I was doing, through self-reflection and meditation, I stopped fighting to be ‘good enough’ for everyone else.


That’s when I got to be myself; just me and the universe holding all the love I have inside to myself for a little while – and it was glorious. I CAN love myself and others, too, but I really MUST love myself first…and now I know how to do that. Now the love I have for others is even stronger and I’m finally coming from a place of wholeness and empowerment.


The new mantra that came with this revelation is: I am good enough and I am enough, just as I am right now.

The Pivotal Point


Now I bring that vibrant energy to each day and feel liberated. I’m able to clearly perceive with all of my senses exactly what I think about things of this world. I can go onto social media and share my thoughts without being concerned of how others will judge me. I allow myself to be ‘out there’ as a person with an expanded consciousness, because that’s who I truly am.


Now I can focus on my career dreams, and as a Jill-of-all-trades that was a hard one to nail down. In the end I’m a writer with a passion for human betterment and now that skill has to serve me in a bigger way than it ever has before.