Solfeggio Frequency Scale


Solfeggio Evolution

The original six Solfeggio Hz Frequency Tones date back to Gregorian Monks days around the 10th century AD and then were rediscovered in the 20th century to form the base of our primal healing codes. These also form the original Do-Re-Mi Scale that is familiar today with the original being written in Latin and modernized to include a 7th of TI*. The base six have been expanded on to include more frequencies on either side of the scale that are also used in healing with three being the most prominent to date,


Note the numeric patterns as the color-coding & 3×3 layout shows.

The Science Beyond the Science Revolution


On a metaphysical level, the Solfeggio Tones are known as the primal cellular frequencies of sound waves in vibrational energy healing. They cause the air around one to vibrate at a specific electromagnetic wave frequency measured in Hertz (Hz) that is conducive to optimum health. Through quantum physics we are becoming more aware that healing is about transforming the DNA in our cells and in order to do that the membrane must be opened to facilitate the process, with Solfeggio Tones being one of the ways. Then, as the field of epegentics shows us, through conscious intention or hypnosis one can re-program their DNA to create the change they choose, rather than staying stuck with what past generations have handed down to them through that same DNA.


The Sound Test Drive


The only real way to see if Solfeggio Tones will work for you is to try them for yourself over a period of a few weeks and note any changes. These are one of the natural healing alternatives and there are many such recordings on Youtube that will bring a subtle positive effect to your system whether you notice it or not. You can also experiment to create your own personalized vibrational healing regime by adding a single/multiple Solfeggio Tone audio that will magnify the effect of another method you like. Just remember if you choose recordings made with Binaural Beats you need to use headphones, while with Isochronic Tones you can listen with just speakers.


Solfeggio Tone Healing Properties & Corresponding Chakra


174 Hz Forms foundation for conscious evolution
Grounds to the earth & connects to karma; Reduces physical & emotional pain; Gives organs a sense of security, safety & love; Re-arranges energy & perception to form a stable foundation.
258 Hz Accelerates the evolution of conscious awareness
Influences energy fields; Helps return tissue into its original form & restructures damaged organs; Rejuvenates & energizes body; Enhances cognition & the expansion of consciousness; Re-establishes awareness of truth & wisdom.
396 Hz Liberates fear & guilt Root UT (DO)
Banishes obstacles to peace by creating mind/body harmony; Releases the feelings of guilt & fear obstacles to realization by lowering defense mechanisms; Reveals hidden blockages & subconscious negative beliefs that have led the current situation; Restores memory for access to internal knowledge; Enables achievement of goals in most direct way; Turns grief into joy.
417 Hz Facilitates change & undoes situations Sacral RE
Wipes out all negativity; Awakens internal guidance; Corrects relationships & communication; InstilLs the expression of clear vision & power; Cleanses negative & destructive energy & traumatic events from the past; Allows one to convert the appearances of difficulty & setbacks.
528 Hz Brings transformation & miracles & repairs DNA Solar Plexus MI
Returns human DNA to its original, perfect state; Directs the quality of reason; Increases life energy, clarity, awareness, creativity, deep inner peace, celebration. Activates imagination & magnifies intuition to operate for one’s highest and best purpose.
639 Hz Develops & heals relationships Heart FA
Enables creation of harmonious community & harmonious interpersonal relationships; EncourageS the cell to communicate with its environment; Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance & love.
741 Hz Solves problems & allows for expression Throat SOL
Cleans the cell from toxins & electromagnetic radiation; Leads to a healthier, simpler life with dietary changes towards foods that are not poisoned by toxins; Leads one into the power of self-expression for a pure & stable life; Optimizes internal strengths to channel purified expressions of love & purpose.
852 Hz Awakens intuition & raises awareness Third Eye LA
Returns one to spiritual order; Allows the ability to see through illusions in life of hidden agendas of people, places & things; Opens one up for communication with all-embracing source energy; Enables the cell to transform itself into a system of higher level.
963 Hz Awakens perfect state & return to Oneness Crown TI*
Activates pineal gland; Amplifies the presence of divinity; Instills the balance of strength & peace to allow light & love to guide the present experience; Re-connects one with the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world & enables direct experience.



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