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Rose Petal Ritual

Focused Healing with Petal Power


This idea came to me when a friend was going through a tough time and needed help coping.

You will need:

  1. about 1/2 cup of dried rose petals (or other dried flower petals)
  2. small photo of person
  3. fireproof dish
  4. BBQ lighter or fireplace match


  1. Place half of the dried rose petals in the fireproof dish
  2. Place the photo of person needing help in the dish
  3. Add the rest of the rose petals over top of the photo
  4. Light the rose petals all around the photo
  5. While these are burning focus on the person and repeat the words, “I love you” over again until the photo is totally burned up or you sense it is enough, which is usually when you feel a sense of peace float down around you

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