Professional Photo Shoot For Self-Confidence Boosting

Learn to see the beauty within & without with a little help.

Chronic pain can do horrendous damage to your confidence and self-esteem whether it’s from a broken heart or a broken back; something is blocking the flow of that rejuvenating life force and it needs to be dissolved. Along with inner energy healing tools such as meditation, vibration frequency adjusting and resonance aligning, there are some powerful ways to give ourselves a outward lift, too.

My pain-filled body image story

At Xmas of 2008, when a herniated disk in the L4-L5 caused searing hot chronic pain to shoot down my legs and blow out my ankles for over a year, it affected more than my ability to earn a good income; it totally zapped my health in ways I didn’t know could be damaged. Since I couldn’t handle the prescribed painkillers, I dove headlong into meditation in an effort to stop the pain, along with red wine, which I found to be much better than percocet. After the necessary surgery in 2010 my body and mind were left in quite a shambles over the many losses that resulted, but I eventually regained enough strength through meditation to free myself and move into a renewed independence.

After a few months I began to realize that without my knowledge I had been slowly poisoned by the testosterone that my boyfriend at the time was putting on his skin for virility and had been making contact with my skin over the past few years. It was obvious from the extreme changes in hair growth that I had originally attributed to menopause, but that reverted back to normal growth after my moving away from him. I finally understood why I was feeling so horribly out of whack with my body, as it was becoming ugly in my mind, but again it was meditation that helped me maintain some sense of sanity between that and the lingering nerve damage from the herniation.

My self-confidence boost remedy

About a year earlier I had befriended a theatre burlesque entertainer who I met while at a coffee house, and she invited me to the troupe’s next show. Since I had never been to a burlesque show I was so glad for my sense of curiosity, because these were amazingly talented artists in so many ways – and overflowing with self-confident in ways I could not imagine. I ended up gong to several of their theatre burlesque shows and always laughed my face off with their ‘titillating’ song and dance skits with guys and gals right down to the thong & pastie. Then I got the idea that perhaps one of them might help me with a personal photo shoot so I could feel some of that same confidence, too. Sure enough I got the professional photographer and makeup artist/coach to do a shoot just for me – and it catapulted me into bigger things for my life.

The photo shoot itself was about me portrayed showing different strengths and aspects of my personality where I used my own vintage and modern clothing with home furnishings as props. I also wanted a new headshot for my Facebook profile based on the pose from an old photo of me and it turned out exceptionally well, as I also have a wonderful stylist who cuts my hair. The photo shoot experience was highly enjoyable with two amazing professionals coaching me all the way.