Sex – sensuality versus ping reaction

What impression do you get when you think about sex?

Do you allow yourself to bathe in its sensuality or is it the result of a ping reaction?

If you learned about sex from television, movies, or magazines, you will never experience true sensuality. A camera cannot be made that will capture the highness of the senses created by two lovers entwined in the silkiness of intimacy. Film makers can only capture the sex action and the more that people buy into that perception, the more it makes for a ping reaction society. You know; dirty old men and pubescent teens who make a ritual of jerking off to nudie magazines or couples who can’t get turned on without a porn film…degrading attitudes towards sex that affects every aspect of ones life.

Sex is a joint venture between the mind and the body to create the experience of ecstasy.

If you want to experience true sensuality then you need only look to that part of you…no, not that part!

The experience is similar to that of an emotional orgasm, but beyond emotions and higher into being. It’s like a million tiny atoms whipping through your body at dizzying speed then exploding with a million tiny quivers out your pores as your mind goes shooting past a million stars.

It is the richest sharing experience that may or may not include intercourse as it gives a satisfaction of its own. It is the ultimate sensation when two people who are high on life get higher with each other. This highness is also known as tantric sex, which is an ancient art of sexual self-awareness in itself.

The true nature of sex is not found in:

  • a deed of ownership
  • an obligation bound by marriage or betrothal
  • a weapon or reward to compensate for insecurities
  • exhibitionism or exploitation that defiles the human body
  • promiscuity caused by a lack of childhood affection

It is found in:

  • the energy that is created when two people are intertwined in the depth and breadth of the sensual awareness of each other

Sensuality is not something that can be taught, only experienced as an expansion of yourself that you allow. It does not have a cling factor as it is a sensation that you develop in yourself and then share with another to create a state of mutual ecstasy. A person may have many sexual encounters on the road to finding their depth of sensual capabilities and each is a new opportunity to know their own body. They will find themselves liberated from prudish taboos about sex and develop a healthy attitude towards it.

Sex will be transformed into something sacred as the ritual becomes more bonding that the paper that brings other couples together. It will take on new meaning and purpose as a means to heighten personal awareness of ones own senses rather than rabbit off an orgasm. At the same time, more satisfaction is gotten out of the sexual experience than the old wham-bam-thank-you-mam/n that often gives you more trouble than any satisfaction you could give yourself.

One thing that will limit the heights of this kind of sensuality with a partner is if there is an emotional attachment to an absent individual, like a spouse or ex-boy/girlfriend – guilt can be a very subtle deterrent. It will liberate the senses to ‘be’ with only one person at a time as sex takes place in every facet of the mind and total focus is key.

You will delight in your body and how high it can take you when you find that part of yourself, and higher yet when great love is in the air. You will need to have a like-minded partner when you’ve expanded beyond a certain point in your sensuality. The intensity of the kind of passion that is released can be overwhelming for someone who is not used to that energy. Many people have not expanded to any level beyond lust or animal instinct and you will soon learn the signs of the XXX mentality and avoid it.

High mindedness of sexuality is one that honours it as a high form of communication between couples.

The endorphins that the body releases in blissful sex exalt the ardent lovers into euphoric ecstasy.

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