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Grid Swish for Bad Habits

  1. Imagine the large blue glowing dot as something you enjoy, but too much is not good for you, so you want to do less of it (i.e., eat cake, smoke cigarettes, drink beer)
  2. Imagine the small brownish dot as something you hate to do (i.e., eat moldy bread, smell stinky outhouse, drink sour milk)
  3. When you have those things clearly represented, click Play on the video
  4. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times twice a day for 21 days
  5. Please post your results, so I can see how well the instant version works.


Grid Swish Technique

The Swish Pattern is an NLP technique  that takes any unwanted behavior and transforms it into a desired behavior simply by changing the way you feel about it.

Since our sense of satisfaction is at stake it makes change that much more challenging and giving in to certain habits so much easier. In that case, remember to allow yourself to accept slight changes and make the conscious choice to do less of an activity rather than stopping it altogether and you will do it.

This Grid variation is one of the easiest exercises used to change the way you feel about something you are stuck on, like a bad habit. The technique is as follows using the challenge of changing bad eating habits as an example, but can be adapted to similar challenges.

  1. Visualize a grid
  2. Food #1: Imagine the actual food you would like to eat less of and place it somewhere on the grid. Use your VAK or VAKOG Representational System to give it as many characteristics as you can.
    • V: what does it look like?
    • A: what sound does it make?
    • K: what feeling does it bring up in you?
    • O: what does it smell like?
    • G: what does it taste like?
  1. Food #2: Imagine a food you really dislike and place it somewhere else on the grid and give it as many VAKOGs senses as you can.
  2. Now slowly drag Food #1  towards Food #2 and change its characteristics to something repulsive, such as:
    • change the colour to gray and make it still if it was moving
    • give it annoying sounds
    • feel the sense of satisfaction it gives you drop
    • make it smell like a rotten egg
    • give it a taste of moldy bread
  3. Repeat this exercise 5-10 times twice a day for 21 days.

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