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Intuition: the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning.


Intuition is a spiritual intelligence that comes from an expanded conscious awareness into parts of the brain that many people avoid out of ignorance, disinterest or misunderstanding. And although it is a natural part of our human psyche, it has been stifled off and on throughout the ages by those who fear not being in control of the masses. Thank goodness for the medium of today’s internet that cannot be stopped and has already allowed for phenomenal advancement in the realm of our divine heritage.


Sometimes it’s just the word itself that conjures up the spooky dark occult imaginings in people’s minds and a quick exercise in Word Therapy will tell one how they really think and feel about this particular term that is very much the same as the readily accepted terminology of ‘gut instinct’.


The point is that we all have inner guidance to some degree and the way to a better life is to build on that knowing within ourselves and create that which we so desire from that place of unconditional love and abundance that is available to all.


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