Care Candle

The Care Candle App free at Google Play

Care Candle is a virtual candle that one can ‘light’ any place any time by clicking on a button to bring up a decorative flickering candle into the viewing area of an Android device.

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App Purpose

  • It can be used to hold vigil or in tribute when hardship or heartache besets someone, for a missing person or to show support for person or cause.
  • It can also be used to celebrate a special occasion, such as a new car, baby or one can choose a nature scene and take a mini break during the course of a busy day.

App Features

  • There is an input field to indicate who the candle is for and another for why the candle is being lit.
  • There is an animated menu with buttons that link to for some meaningful candle designs for personalization.
  • There are icons and links to Facebook and Twitter so people can share.

App Uses

Baby Celebrate birth of a child
Balloons Celebrate a birthday
Black Black Friday shopping
Bling Announce an engagement
Books Share the good book you’re reading
Boy/Girl Vigil for missing child
Car When you get a new vehicle
Coast Going on vacation
Couple Remembering fun that was shared
Earth Celebrate Earth Day
Fireworks Celebrate anything
Pets Your dog/cat did something wonderful
Pink Flower Meditate
Planets Celestial events
Red Satin A romantic gesture
Totem Pole Celebrating heritage

App Gallery

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