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Raising the vibration of the planet one megahertz at a time…starting with me!

Liberating the Life Force

This Lifeology site is a precursor to my Life Might Life Coaching site where all of these decades of study have culminated in knowing that meditation is the key to transformation and in order of type:

  1. relaxation to overcome outdated & unfounded fears and instill inner peace
  2. awareness to heal past hurts, dissolve lies & expand consciousness
  3. creation to actualize dreams & goals from a place of authenticity with evolving cognitive awareness

As a lifeologist & life coach, I help people improve their quality of life by sharing tools & concepts for change so that they can be free of limitations and experience life through their authentic self.

Diane Babcock, CLC

Experiential Laboratory of Life

Throughout several decades I sought any way I could to overcome many difficult challenges in the gauntlet of my own life that were ultimately based on untruths and wrong perceptions. It was like working in a spiritual laboratory and being my own guinea pig as I soul-searched my way through many ancient and new age healing modalities.

There were often those periods in my spiritual pioneering when I had no clue which way to turn or how to get on the right path until I stilled my heart and mind enough to hear the voice within. At the same time I saw there was a real need for each individual to be self-reliant by getting back to their own unique truths by using the power of universal love that guides us all.

I also came to realize I had a stronger connection than most to that inner guidance resulting in many fantastic epiphanies that connected many dots together so clearly. Every bit of newly found knowledge seemed to fit somewhere in the design of humanity and that knowledge is what inspires me to help others enjoy that higher vibration state of being.

Steering Life Through the Senses

I use a variety of wordsmith skills to communicate the definitive truths derived from over three decades of travelling the path of the spiritual warrior as a guide for my fellow trailblazers. I provide words of wisdom along with the simplest tools to help people find their own solutions, because I know where and how to look inside.

For those people who seriously want to make noticeable changes to a better quality of life and are willing to take responsibility for their own happiness the truth will always resonate and support them. Those people truly appreciate how I help them ‘sort out’ what is happening in their lives by putting it into words that speak to their own inner wise one.

When it comes to learning new thinking habits it’s kind of like steering a massive ship through an internalized storm by mastering your sense of inner peace and creating your own sovereign stance. Imagine being able to instantly change a negatively charged feeling into a springboard of positive energy by shifting your awareness back to your sovereign stance – it’s very liberating.

Pro Bio

Diane has enhanced her intuitive capabilities in the personal development arena with Life Coach & NLP Certification and Self-Hypnosis training that complements her Self-Awareness teaching.

In the field of Lifeology, she brings decades of invaluable study of metaphysics as well as quantum physics as they relate to the human condition using various self-help techniques. A few key techniques being non-dominant hand writing, self hypnosis training and SCIO quantum biofeedback. Through spiritual pioneering she learned to connect with her inner guidance that has grown exponentially over the years.

Tenacity and compassion around solving the once-puzzling problems of humanity drive her to show people the bridge between the body/mind/spirit connection. To further understand the state of the world on a global level she took two non-credit courses from top universities and this additional knowledge allowed helped motivate her fellow citizens into taking action toward standing up for a country where corporations were taking over government.

Diane has personally overcome a gazillion challenges in the realms of emotional turmoil & conflict, low self-esteem issues, physical impediments, anorexia & bulimia and relationship disasters that stemmed from childhood neglect. She knows fully and first-hand all the hardships, heartaches and heartbreaks that ensue from a learned lack of self-love and regards much of it as unnecessary suffering.

Her published book Charges – Answers From The Universe is a testament to the profound wisdom that resides in every soul on Earth with channeled insights only a higher intelligence would know as revealed to her through the non-dominant hand writing technique.

We All Learn Somehow

Diane Babcock, CLC

As a young girl, I read Nancy Drew along with the same fairy tales as everyone else, but contrary to most I saw both the women and men as heroes working together for a common cause. Once out on my own in the world I was flabbergasted to find that society pushed a very different version of my fairy tales and the struggle to find like-mindedness for me was on. Unwilling to conform to society or religion’s understanding of the mysteries of the soul I dug ever deeper into the abyss of my own for answers.

Time to be Better Attuned

I started to get serious about my health in 1978 and took to studying diet and nutrition for many years until later on I found there was even more to discover in the realm of self and spiritual awareness. Subsequently, my experiential knowledge has a wide archetypal range, as I had to scrape my way to the surface of the mountain that lay on top of me before I could even start to climb it.

I gathered intel from many books on personal development over the years starting with Smart Women – Foolish Choices, The Power of the Subconscious and many Stuart Wilde books. I experimented with the many different tools they offered along with my own inner guidance resulted in the hybrid teachings that go into my voice.

Beyond the Classroom Into the Field

My studies are beyond theoretical psychological teachings; they are in-depth and accurate field work on the mechanics of how we are conditioned from childhood by emotionally-charged thoughts to create beliefs. They reveal that we all have subtle triggers within us that cause us to act/react to certain states of being and how deliberately or accidentally changing the emotion/thought connection behind these triggers can change our state of being for better or for worse.

One of my writing talents is being able to explain complex concepts in lay terms, as in reference guides but, I am also able to write from the realm of complex emotions on behalf of others to help them express those freely. In the life coaching arena I can sense emotional triggers in others that they are not aware of simply by noticing the inflections in their voice or mannerisms.

Learning All the Way

My studies in self-awareness go beyond the thought-emotion-physical connection: I found the farther I was willing to venture beyond the pain, resistance and misguided ego the more grounded I became in a serene oneness – and the more I maintained that state of being the more real power I had in the outer world.

The method I developed for myself in a nutshell goes something like this:

I learned how to consciously face my own pain, observe it as misdirected energy from physical/emotional trauma and practice releasing it by relaxing the area of my body where it was being stored. I became so ultimately aware of my thoughts that I can immediately tell what affect each has on me and if it prompts a negative feeling, I can deal with it or dismiss it and get back to being grounded in my inner serenity.

What many may find hard to believe is: when you are in that state of serene oneness, other people’s fears and negativity can’t connect with you, so they become more peaceful, too. That’s a unique kind of power in such a ego-driven and materialistic world as this, and while attaining this state can take a lot of practice, it is a very rewarding process.

My Unconventional Path

I believe it’s best to learn from another’s mistakes and successes as much as possible to speed up the personal evolution process, except for those of us who are guided to teach and must learn the intricacies enough to share the knowledge.

I first stepped onto the new-age path of metaphysics in 1989 with Stuart Wilde’s book ‘The Force’ and my spiritual awakening snowballed from there. With mind wide-open my path next allowed me to find the Reflective Writing Technique in 1990 that expanded my conscious awareness enough to receive inspirational messages from that higher intelligence of the Universe. I came to call those thought messages and impressions of knowing as simply ‘guidance’ that I eventually learned to sense more strongly and trust. That experience confirmed my hunch that there was a lot more to this world than I had been told and it spurned me to learn as much as I could to best live in it.

I set about the next decades studying how everything works from;

  • archetypes to avatars
  • being in the now moment to jumping parallel dimensions
  • brainwave entrainment to energy healing
  • cultural conditioning to universal laws
  • magick to mantras
  • energy healing to hypnotherapy
  • neuroscience to quantum physics
  • religious indoctrination to metaphyiscs
  • thought waves to emotional vibrations
  • twin flame relationships to fifth dimensional beings

Little did I know I was studying the quantum laws of the universe until I learned the terminology, but I was proving and disproving them to myself over and again. My world became a spiritual laboratory where I found which formulas worked for me at certain times in my life and when it came time to grow I merely added more of this and less of that. Over the years I developed a most profound experiential understanding in the universal laws of quantum physics that I eventually learned to regard as the foundation of all healing modalities and belief systems.

Looking back in my early days it was very hard for me to maintain any heightened spiritual level of this kind for long because I was alone on my path and surrounded by skeptics in a web-less world. Plus, I had not yet understood the need to actively clear my past conditioning and trauma, let alone clear ancestral karma and set auric boundaries. I would just run with every newness and fun notion that entered my expanding noggin until it played out and left everyone around me wondering what was becoming of me. Needless to say, it was a wild roller-coaster ride on some extreme emotional gauntlets and gulags!

Today, I am happy to say with conviction that I have found some important truths that have become my foundation, the most important being my connection to the unconditional love of the universe that is available to every individual on the planet. It is this innate birthright of our connection to our source that gives us a life force powerful enough to transcend our limited lives into its infinite abundant nature while remaining grounded on the earth plane.


When it comes time to ramp up the learning I find those that best suit my personality as well as my need to understand human consciousness on both the individual and collective levels.

 2020 – Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner  – Joe Vitale Certified

2013 – Certified Master NLP Practitioner – American University of  NLP
2013 – Certified Master NLP Practitioner – American University of  NLP
2012 – Certified NLP Practitioner – American University of NLP
1992 – Self/Spiritual Awareness Instructor

– Americana Leadership College, Inner Peace Movement


 Coursera & EdX Course Training

When it comes time to better understanding the world on a global level and what is expected of those in power, I do the intense pre-accreditation university learning for that, too. Note they stopped issuing certificates unless you pay for them.

Music for Wellness (UC BerkeleyX 2018)



How Music Can Change Your Life (University of Melbourne 2018)



Int’l Human Rights Law: Prospects & Challenges (Duke University 2014)



Democratic Development – (Stanford University 2014)




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