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Word Therapy For Self-Awareness

Word Therapy

  • Get a pad of paper and pen/pencil
  • Be in a relaxed mode
  • Write down a starter word, i.e., barrel
  • Ask yourself what this word means to you intellectually…write it down
  • Ask yourself for a personal experience regarding this word and one that you can recall…write it down
  • Think of some other words and repeat Step 4 & 5 for each one, i.e., computer, beach, money, marriage


    • This is a lesson in objectivity and subjectivity for self-awareness and communication.
    • Every single person in the world will have different feelings that stem from their own personal perceptions.
    • It’s a valuable tool when you want to communicate your own views or see someone else’s as a way of working with others rather than against them.
    • It also helps you to recognize a communication breakdown and learn to rephrase or reiterate the statement.


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