Reflective Writing for Left-Right Brain Balance

Reflective Writing

  1. Get a pad of unlined paper and two different colours of pens or pencils and retreat to a quiet place with no distractions
  2. With your dominant hand (for most people it’s the right hand) write down a question you would like to ask about your life (not another’s)
  3. With your non-dominant hand, let the answer flow onto the paper
  4. After some practice you will not need to ask a question, as the words will start to flow, and later you won’t need to use your non-dominant hand, because you’ve created that bridge in the brain.

This exercise will put you in touch with the other side of your brain and give you your own answers in a loving, non-judgmental and sometimes cryptic way that you will understand. It frees insight and creativity as it rises above the conscious chatter to access the most profound messages for you, and sometimes for all of humanity.

You will not know what is exactly being written until after it is written. There may also be drawings that you will not know until it is finished. You will, however, have a sense of trust and excitement in whatever is flowing onto the paper from the creative side of your brain. These words that flow from your connection to divine wisdom will inspire you, as well others who are open-minded enough to let them resonate with their own inner self. Some you will readily understand the encoded message behind the statements, while some will reveal their secrets through life lessons over time.

See an unbelievable example of how the universe communicates using this method in the book Charges – Answers From The Universe

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