Meditation helps you to clear the mind, relax the body & control the pain


Healthful Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is the pathway to the inner peace that our minds and bodies assuredly need to get de-stressed and re-grounded in a non-stimulated state of being, following which we can function better once refreshed in that pool of serenity. It is a 100% natural drug-free way to slow down over-active hormones and lower blood pressure when life becomes highly hectic. Consider it one of those built-in adaptation features that we can do alone in a few minutes or with the voice of another guiding us down a long staircase for half an hour.

The remedial effects of allowing the mind and body to be stilled even for a few moments each day are endless and there is much data available to be found online that will substantiate that claim. Meditation is not only the pathway to peace, but also a doorway to your own true soul’s desired life that can be heard only from that inner world when the mind is quieted from the outer worldly chatter. It is one of the top ways to release the ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine into your system to create a natural high.

Relaxation Meditation Methods

  1. Self-meditation
    1. the fastest and easiest way to ‘meditate’ is to sit or lay back with eyes closed and focus on your breathing for a fewlady yoga clipart moments or until a wave of peace washes over you…that’s it!
  2. Second party guided meditation
    1. the internet is chock full of gentle voices that can help you let go of life’s demands and lull you into a state of peace through many various scenarios. Steve G Jones is the master of script and sound engineering when it comes to taking your mind for a relaxing meander along the seashore at sunset that is kind of like taking you on a mini vacay. And, since relaxation is a prerequisite for hypnosis, he’s had a lot of practice recording thousands of scripts for every single area of life with his very soothing male voice. If you prefer a female voice, Kelly Howell has the kind of softness that you can’t help but let go and be guided by her invitation to relax.
      1. Steve G Jones – Hypnosis Audio With Meditation
      2. Kelly Howell – 15 Minute Let It Go Meditation
  3. Second party music meditations
    1. YouTube is the place to find such amazing musical compositions of wind and string that will cause your soul to soar above all stresses and strains on the brain and all you need to do is focus on the sound. Here are a few such channels where some of the music plays for around 15-60 minutes and may also contain binaural and isotonic Solfeggio Frequencies.
      1. Free Meditation Music
      2. Vortex Success
  4. Self-created guided meditations
    1. make your meditation even more powerful by recording your own voice using a script already written by a professional and take self-talk to a whole other level.
      1. Inner Health Studio – Free Meditation Scripts

Advanced Meditation Healing

pillsWith practice meditation can be used for pain relief and prevention by re-calibrating the neurotransmitters in the brain and used in conjunction with prescription drugs can reduce the need for heavy dosages and avoid their nasty side-effects. This is true for both physical and emotional pain, but it is best to seek cooperative counsel from both physician and naturopath where prescribed painkillers or antidepressants are involved, as the dosage will need to be monitored more closely with the changes in healing.


Prescription Panaceas

L4-L5 Disc Herniaton Microdiscectomy

There are many types of prescription drugs for everything minor and major pain-wise from a headache to brain surgery and reliance on most of them is meant to be short-term and not a way of life or prelude to addiction as some would fall to. Here are just a few prescribed drugs that some folks find themselves relying on when chronic and surgical instances arise and ones that in the end were tossed out or not entirely used because meditation was also a part of this treatment.

  • Percocet (oxycodone) doesn’t actually kill the pain, it just makes you feel numb to feeling anything including your good feelings and that’s not good. It also has a way of turning your brain to mush so that you can’t form thoughts, which is a very scary experience.
  • Tramacet is a better alternative to Percocet, as it stops the pain signal from the brain.
  • Lyrica is for neurological pain, such as the burning in legs and feet from a herniated disk pressing on the nerves. It works quite well for that and as an added benefit it also calms anxiety, but it can make you sleepy.
  • Hydramorphone is given for post-surgical pain, but it merely reduces it to some degree and does not remove it entirely.


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