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Lunar Phase & Focus


New Moon(No Moon/Black Moon )Rest and contemplate new desires honestly
Full MoonStrongest for spirituality, psychic energy, & magick
Waxing Moon(New>Full)Enhancement of love, prosperity, luck, growth, sexual desire, wealth, health, strengthen spirituality, start new projects, increase knowledge
Waning Moon(Full>New)Elimination of undesired home/work situations;   clear out negative emotions/thoughts; cut ties with negative people/influences; lose weight; let go of past/guilt; break bad habits; remedy pain
First QuarterNew beginnings; start new projects
Last QuarterHealth, work, duty consciousness
Blue Moon(2nd full moon in a month)
Next Blue Moon: Jan 31 & Mar 31, 2018
It is time for something you haven’t done before…that will bring you out of your comfort zone and into new territory.Time to find some more of the honest beauty and precious things in your self and for your self.

World Time Zone Map (Standard Time)

Times are UT (Universal Time) = 00:00

 Lunar Phase Calendar 2019 – Pacific Time (Vancouver, BC Canada)

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Special Moon Events – 2019


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Lunar Phases

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