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Life Might by Diane Babcock




Gambling & Raising Stakes Responsibly

Be a responsible gamester…games of chance played with the knowledge of luck give better odds of winning.

Win Better at Penny Slots | Win Better at Sports Betting

Wealth Testing & Leveling Up


Life Includes Risk

When you consider that every decision we make in life is some form of educated guess based on our level of knowledge and awareness and therefore contains some degree of risk. Gambling for money by deliberation or habit takes risk to the next level and can be a playful pursuit of prospering from a place of having enough to afford a loss. Alternatively, the gambling arena can perpetuate a devastating defeat of desperately seeking more from a place of not enough.

Two different approaches that produce very different results and varying degrees of self-expression and expansion. It’s not to say that Lady Luck will diss you because you spend your last dollar on the lottery and feels sorry for you, so allows you to win a huge bundle. Nor, that she is constantly at your side pandering to create every handsome win and then snatch it away when you get too cocky. Nope!

Gambling is Personal

Taking chances in life no matter how big or small are personal choices that stem from beliefs and emotions no matter the risk or the stakes be it marriage or business or games of chance. That being said, there is an accurate and undeniable way to win, but it may require profound self-awareness that most folks just do not take time to develop and for a few others it seems to be a natural gift. Gambling per se is personal and can be a tricky game to play in life, especially when it creates moral conflict within that tries to shame us into feeling bad when there is a chance for us to feel exceptionally good.

The Win Zone

100-Dollar Win on a 40-Cent Spin

A perfect example of a Win Zone comes from an experience with Penny Slots at the city’s downtown casino where if one approaches from a certain attitude and energy of openness without fear of losing can create a state of perpetual winning that lasts hours. These are rare high states and recreating those spaces in time can be difficult if the circumstances cause unsettling distractions, such as hunger, fatigue, frustration, angry fellow gamblers or the collective mood of the environment that day.

Improving the Odds with Slots

Through better refining our core beliefs, heightened knowledge and awareness we can improve our odds of winning in life in general and in our chancy choices. For those seeking to befriend Lady or Lord Luck they need only become aware of the nature of such, align with it on the inside and heed its voice when moving from one slot machine to the next to find the Big Wins. A few tips for playing the Penny Slots at a downtown or online casino:

  • Let intuition lead you to the casino in the first place: gambling is an extracurricular hobby that is meant to be enjoyed as just one of the many things in life
  • Enter the building/site with a fresh and calm attitude from a place of being centered
  • Find your first machine or area: perhaps the number of a machine that represents your birth date or there was a symbol/word that got stuck in your mind before arriving
  • Play within your income allowance and comfort zone, be it 20 cents or 20 dollars per spin: being able to afford to lose means letting go of fear of losing so that you can get in the spirit of winning
  • Start with giving the machine 10 spins to get a feel for it and watch for the line returns, not necessarily the bonuses
  • A good visualization to experiment with is seeing an entire screen of WILDs
  • Do not try to force your will on the machine or lose patience when it doesn’t ‘put out’ on demand…move on to another: it may be someone else’s lucky machine that day and yours is a different one
  • If you find your energy drop take a washroom or coffee break and forget alcohol until after winning to maintain your alert edge
  • Be aware of when your interest and attention on the games start to wane and boredom sets you to throwing your money away
  • A good rule to walking away after some big wins is to set a leaving point that may depend if you had your fill of playing: cash out and start with a new cash allowance amount
  • Most of all bring gratitude and a good attitude…the machines love that!

Professional Sports Investing Tools

Zcode gives you even more advantage to improve your odds of winning in the sports betting arena and by using Zcode technology alone or along with your intuition you can reduce the financial risk and enhance the financial gains even further. Let go the agony and guesswork out of the analyzing stats or trying to divine the winner with the system that provides 88% accuracy for MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL on winning and losing that improves each year the leagues run.

Free Insider Strategies 66+ Page Sports Betting Book

Sports happen all year round and here’s where you can test your intuitive hunches against their mighty predictions robot. You can unlock their daily free picks, plus receive their complimentary game previews and analyses to help you a more responsible and profitable gamester. They have mega tools for educating and engaging bettors to make betting choices from the highest possible position of accuracy and all you have to do is pick your favourite sport or player. And, if you’re wondering what the family-oriented Disney conglomerate thinks of sports betting you can check out the Daily Fantasy Sports section.

Get a Free Trial Access to Zcode

Zcode’s Sports Investing Bible takes the gambling out of sports betting by explaining verified, winning systems that really work. It provides an inside look into proven, successful strategies and can be used as a crash course that destroys popular misconceptions and provides invaluable sports prediction analysis tools. In it you will find several winning systems from experts that make a living through sports investing and explain a winning approach to sports investing.

Wealthy Testing & Leveling Up

The good news is that we can rewire our brain to believe in the abundance within us if lack has been the predominant message in our conditioning. With the right method and some practice we do unlearn our wrong beliefs about ourselves and our money.


As an ardent believer and advocate of using hypnosis to rewire the brain I have learned the art of self-hypnosis, which is merely another term for self-talk that we all do. With practice I learned to catch negative thoughts around money and other life aspects and then change them to what I want.

Test Your Wealth Level

For the masses I searched for the best system offered by my course instructor Steve G Jones and found that Total Money Magnetism contains strategies, advice and high quality hypnosis audios to accelerate wealth learning effortlessly. A simple way to Test Your Wealth Level before you gamble is with this revealing little quiz and then LEVEL UP from there.

This is the line you do not want to cross.

Lack-lustered Pitfalls

When you gamble you bring your core beliefs about both your ability and capacity to win back more than you invest in the game, which is fine if you believe you are already successful and gambling is an extension of that belief. Sadly, there are many who use the win itself as proof of self-worth and will spend monies meant for living expenses for the sake of shouting BINGO! This kind of approach is where the danger of addiction gambling lies in wait to take their house, estrange them from their family through shame and guilt, and then toss them into beggardom. I have seen it and it is a very ugly sight to witness – the results are a lot of anger for many years to follow around those issues, and worse it still did not make them stop!

The former story may sound hopeless and fears around gambling are very real for some, but there is hope if one opens up to it. Some may choose to address addiction gambling through counselling from the stance addiction is a form of running away from whatever is troubling inside no matter what form it takes. One thing that stands out with using gambling as an outlet for addiction is the relationship to money denoting a belief surrounded in a luster of lack rather than abundance.

If you want some guidelines on how to keep gambling safe and fun or think there is a gambling problem close to home get a better grip on what’s really happening and take proper action, or just take the Player Assessment Quiz at Play Now.


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