Internal Guidance System

The causal unseen forces of our inner world


Some people are averse to relating to the unseen world of feelings and underlying emotions so remain unaware of the associated conscious or subconscious thoughts. They view it as unnecessary to understand the mechanics of the human machine – hence, they react to everything purely through their original conditioning. Although their upbringing may benefit their lifestyle to some degree, they still are living through a vision that was created for them and not by them from their own truth.

This is where self-awareness comes in: you are not your parents and neither are you a child protege; you are a unique manifestation of universal love in your own right – getting to know that person is the trick. Sometimes it seems complicated, but when you deliberately stop to decode your own programming, you will see where some of the input was corrupted. Sometimes there is pain involved and sometimes there are fears to get past, but the real you is still in there – and you’re more wonderful than you realize.

A good place to start is being aware of the Emotion/Feeling/Thought/Intuition features of the human psyche that emit vibrations as a cause to create effects in your personal space and collectively the world. The four main areas of our causal unseen forces can be broken down into vibrations coming from these predominant components and the more aware one becomes, the more control one has over the vibratory result.

Please take note the reason for acknowledging the emotions are based in the heart is because to change from an undesirable emotion requires the conscious efforts of the brain to focus on the heart area in order to make that change.

  1. Emotion
    • Degrees of love, hate, fear, joy and sorrow universal to every human being
    • Different emotions release different chemicals in different parts of the body
    • Is expressed through the body’s reaction to chemicals released that cause reaction
    • Triggered by a thought, memory, or external stimuli
  2. Feeling
    • Subjective to individual in response to emotional triggers
    • Follows the emotion’s release of hormones
    • Can be felt in different places in the body or overall
  3. Thought
    • Conscious idea or notion coming from self talk or outside influence
    • Interpretation of emotional sensation or feeling
    • Memory or daydream
    • Presented through guided meditation and hypnosis
  4. Intuition
    • Hunch or insightful knowledge
    • Sudden sensing about something that appears out of nowhere
    • Epiphanies from expanded consciousness

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